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Artwork inspired by past generations; Heathen History brought into the Modern Era.


The Kilted Heathen, otherwise known as Crow Freyjasmaðr, is a simple Heathen that enjoys good mead, good stories, and the finer things in life (finer being free and fulfilling). With their wife and cats (Freyja and Aodhán), daily life is filled with both Paganism and Oddity, brought to the forum of the internet for those of like-mind!

Ran from their home (wherever on Miðgarðr that might be,) their blogs and work focus on their Heathen beliefs, Norse and Slavic inspired artwork, as well as video game interests.


Most projects here at TKH are art-related. Whether it's wood-burnings or headdresses made of bone and leather, they're made with great care and spiritual inspiration. 

Quite often, non-spiritual interests are also displayed, from a range of video games to Dungeon's & Dragons. From artwork to walkthroughs, these will have their own section for easy finding.


Crow is a one-person production. Having no professional production crew (only a trusty webcam, Yeti microphone, and tech-savvy know-how,) everything is made personally in between work and personal life. Publications come when they do, and more often when funds allow for it; as such donations aren't pressured, but are very much welcome! Visit the Donations page to find out more.



Big news is on the way...

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