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Hrafn Brucesson

Born in Lawrence, KS in 1987, Hrafn has since traveled far and wide, thanks to his father's involvement in the Air Force. 

Throughout his schooling, Hrafn has learned much of not just Heathenry, but Christianity as well. (This is, Hrafn believes, important to know, as most people in America are - for now - Christian. Currently a member of The Troth, Hrafn is studying on his way through their Lore Program, with goals to become ordained clergy. 

His Wife (Info pending)

Hrafn and his wife met in New Jersey, while Hrafn was working for the Air Force as a Civilian Employee. An eclectic Pagan, dabbling in various forms of Witchcraft, she and Hrafn roam happily around the Great Plains, with sights ever on the coasts. 

freyja the cat

Freyja the cat was born approximately March of 2016. High in energy, and described as the sweetest thing by everyone that meets her, she very much lives up to her namesake, the Lady Freyja. 

??? the kitten

New Addition Coming Soon!

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