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Written Blogs

These are blogs written over various themes within Heathenry; from lessons learned through the myths or information on Modern Heathenry in practice. Unless otherwise stated (through source or external link) all views are that of Hrafn personally, though many may be shared across Modern Heathendom in general.

Video Blogs

These video blogs follow the same theme as Written Blogs; focused on Modern Heathenry, mythology, daily practice, and politics relevant to Heathenry. Only these have the added benefit of being visual! Sourced from The Kilted Heathen YouTube, they can be viewed here with ease (or directly on YouTube).

TKH Gaming

Branching from Heathenry (though touching on it here and there, perhaps), The Kilted Heathen Gaming delves into the gaming hobbies of Torolf, from video game walk-throughs and tutorials to game-related music videos. With the exception of video game cutscenes, video sourced is all gameplay by Hrafn himself, via Xbox.

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