Project Red Hammer (The Troth) and the Australian Wildfires

Recently, the world has been made aware of the horrors burning (literally) through Australia. Fires So large that it's twice the size of Wales, and has formed its own weather.

The Troth - an international Heathen organization - has a disaster relief program, Red Hammer. Red Hammer, is a nonprofit committee that is part of The Troth, that provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid to people who have been devastated by natural disasters and other tragedies. Help comes in the forms of monetary assistance, clothing, food, as well as spiritual needs, and now we have funds being gathered to send aid to Australia. Donations can be given on The Troth webpage, for any amount people are able to give.

Per Troth announcement, funds gathered will be funneled through local (Australian) organizations to effectively combat this ecological disaster.