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The Passing of a Founder

I learned this evening that Stephan Grundy (KveldulfR Gundarsson) passed away September 29th. He was a major influence in The Troth, and Modern Heathenry as a whole. I never got to meet him, nor speak with him very much, but his research and writings have influenced a great deal of my education in the history of Heathenry, and my spiritual journey.

May he rest well in Hel, in the Halls of his Ancestors, as we raise horns here on Miðgarðr and drink to his memory and legacy. He will not soon be forgotten, and his deeds will live on long beyond his years. Hail to KveldulfR! We continue on in your footsteps.

Stephan Grundy ~ June 28, 1967 - Sept 29, 2021

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