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Video blogs via youtube - The Kilted Heathen

These video blogs present information on Heathenry (usually sourced from The Troth, of which I am a member,) my personal views on the gods and Heathen practice, as well as day-to-day Heathenry and intersections of faith and politics.

User Question & Ancestor and Wights

Answers a question posed by a viewer, then discusses various circles of influence in Heathenry.

Icelandic Stave Lecture

A lecture presentation given on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey in June of 2015, going over my studies in Icelandic Magical Staves.

Racism in Heathenry

Thoughts and possible strategies to handling racism in Heathenry.

Offering to Óðinn

An offering done to Óðinn before our move earlier on in September of 2017, giving demonstration into one way that I personally give offerings and "pray".

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