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Videos via youtube - The Kilted Heathen Gaming

Videos focused on Gamer Culture; video game walkthroughs, Halo Lore explanations, and Dungeons & Dragons

Skyrim Merchant Trick - TES 5: Skyrim

Have you ever wanted to sell a lot of things, or had something really expensive, but there just aren't enough merchants in Skyrim with enough gold to do it? With this easy (and slightly morbid) trick, all the gold in Tamriel can be yours! (Got something worth more gold than any merchant carries? Buy some of their stuff to get them enough gold, then utilize this trick and get your gold back!)

Mayhem (Medium) Gold Medal - Saints Row 4

An easier (and faster) way to get the gold medal for this activity in Saints Row IV.

DOOM 3 - Caverns 1

DOOM: BFG - Caverns Area 1: Excavation Transfer Navigating across a very deceptive chasm.

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